FIELD TRIP #2 - Maurice Gibb Memorial Park (360° Videos)

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FIELD TRIP #1 - Alice Wainwright Park (360° Videos)

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FIELD TRIP #1 - Virginia Key (360° Videos)

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FIELD TRIP #1 - Kennedy Park (360° Videos)

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FIELD TRIP #1 - Visit to Urban Coastal Parks

Kennedy Park, Alice Wainwright Park and North Point Coastal Restoration Project on Virginia Key 12 February 2019 Departed 0730 and returned 1220   This field trip was designed to illustrate the common “Best Practices” put into place around Miami Dade County to protect coastal public areas.  The “Best Practices” include planting mangroves or other coastal native plants, placement of large rip-rap boulders or landscaping along seawalls for spectacular coastal views across Biscayne Bay.    The management of coastal public spaces in Miami Dade County considers the dual purposes of first, coastal stabilization (stopping or preventing erosion) and second, coastal access for the public. More recently, management decisions have responded to the growing demand to limit stormwater run-off and other land–based sources of pollution entering Biscayne Bay.  Biscayne Bay is an intensively used/ intensively managed system.  Multiple legal jurisdictions mandate co